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Who do I hire for my Kitchen Cabinet Painting Project?

My House Painter says he will do it.

Is it a good idea to hire house painters for kitchen cabinets? When you are looking to hire a professional to paint your kitchen cabinetry you have to realize that bad paint jobs are real, they do exist, and they happen all the time to unsuspecting victims.​ Orange peel, roller texture, brush marks, blotchy, uneven, runs, drips, rough, sticky, chipping, flaking, peeling. The list of describing words goes on and on for bad cabinet paint jobs but let’s allow the images to “paint” a better picture for us. Spoiler Alert, these are real paint jobs done by professional companies of which we will not disclose…​​

House Painters for Kitchen Cabinets?

Being in the painting field since 1995 I have a great appreciation for the skill and talent that it takes to be a painter. There are so many different types of painting that you can gain experience in. Wall painting, trim and door painting, restoration, refinishing, fine finishes, spray application (with many types of sprayers), residential, commercial, and the list can go on.

Having spent a large portion of my career in spraying and wood finishing I have always enjoyed making wood look it’s best. The time I spent doing residential re-painting was valuable in teaching me how important prep work is in creating a sound surface for the finish coat. Applying a beautiful finish means nothing if it is not going to stand the test of time. It takes a great deal of experience to truly understand that concept and be able to disregard all the bad information that is out there. There are very few painters who care about the long term of their work in this way, it takes much more effort and you can’t be the cheapest price. This is why cabinet refinishing became my passion.

Why you Should NOT hire House Painters for Kitchen Cabinets.

It seems logical initially to hire your house painter for your kitchen cabinet painting project. The price is competitive and they know how to apply coatings right? They may even have spray equipment.

I can tell you first hand that cabinet refinishing is a field all it’s own within the realm of painting. It is so different that it should be considered another business altogether. A typical painter is going to offer the same services you see on a DIY website or TV show.

This is more like a “band-aid” and you are taking a major gamble with longevity, even if they manage to make them look good. Your cabinetry is worth investing in and the cost to do the job right is oftentimes no more expensive than what you paid to have it done poorly.

​​Poor product adhesion (paint failure) can hide under a smooth finish as well, as seen in these photos, the coating can be scratched off with a thumbnail. How long do you think a cabinet paint job like that will last? Unfortunately, just long enough for the painter to get out the door and on to his next job.

Bad Paint Job Damage Recovery Service

Kammes Colorworks offers bad paint job damage recovery services in Elburn, St. Charles, Geneva, South Elgin, Batavia, Sugar Grove, Elgin, North Aurora, Aurora, Montgomery, West Chicago, Wayne, Bartlett, Gilberts, Carol Stream, Dundee, Huntley, Algonquin, Lake in the Hills, Pingree Grove, Hampshire, Sycamore, Cortland, Dekalb, and more. Got a bad paint job? Call Kammes!

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How do I know if a company specializes in painting cabinets?

I designed our website with that in mind. I want people to know what to look for so that cabinet painting does not get a bad name. There are already many unfortunate victims of bad paint jobs, and as demand rises, more inferior painting companies are rising to the occasion to make a few bucks.

What do they do for prep? Are they taking any of the steps outlined in our process?

Remember, just because they sand doesn’t mean they are refinishing. Sanding is so very skimmed over in painting. Details that may seem small in our process are the ones that have the most impact on durability.

Do they have a shop to finish your doors?

If they don’t have a place where they do their work they are not serious. Proper climate control and equipment is necessary to do the job right. Without ventilation and airflow combined with consistent temperatures, you cannot produce a true factory finish. There are plenty of other problems that arise when cabinet doors are stored in an uncontrolled climate as well.

Do they have a good reputation?

Always hire someone you trust to do your work.

Is cabinet painting their primary service?

You do not want a house painter who dabbles with cabinets, that is a recipe for disaster. Would you want a painter who does exterior painting all year long, or a wall painter to come to apply a fine finish on the cabinets in your home?

Does the company know the right products to use?

Using the right products for your cabinetry is essential. You need to block wood tannins and stains with the right primer, then you need a topcoat that is made for cabinets. The door and trim paints sold at paint stores are often not re-finish friendly. This can cause more difficulties later down the line when it is time to freshen up or make a color change.

What can I do if I get a bad paint job on my Cabinets?

We offer damage recovery services on bad cabinet paint jobs, whether your cabinet paint job is flaking, chipping, peeling, or just plain looks bad we can help you out. It is always better to have had it done right in the first place, but with our process, we are able to bring back a look to your cabinets that you can enjoy again, along with the durability you need. If you have had the displeasure of being given a bad paint job on your cabinets let us know and we can discuss your options.

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My wife and could not be more pleased with Kammes and excellent paint job on our kitchen cabinets. I spent a lot of time researching the “Do” and “Don’ts” of painting kitchen cabinets. Armed with plenty of sound information, I found the Kammes” website. It was packed with a lot of very valuable information. I knew they were the ones for this job. If you want a factory like finish, this is not a DIY project. Hire a pro, like Kammes Colorworks. I guarantee you you will not be disappointed!