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Planning your Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Project

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What paint colors can I pick for my kitchen cabinets? Do you have recommendations?

We can have our products mixed in any Benjamin Moore color- except the Aura Color Stories Collection (these color numbers begin with CSP-). Our most popular Benjamin Moore colors are White Dove, Dove Wing, Pale Oak, Navajo White, and Decorators White.

White Dove is our most popular off-white as it maintains the classic white look but does not have the glowing effect that stark white shades can have. White Dove works in most situations so it is a good go-to shade if you want the safe choice. White Dove has maintained it’s popularity for a very long time.

Dove Wing works perfectly if White Dove is still too white for your taste. You will still achieve the classic white painted look and have a smoother transition with darker color tones or existing wood trim.

Pale Oak is an excellent choice if you are looking to go more off-white yet with even less contrast. This light/ medium “Greige” color is classy and fits very well with most of today’s wall and countertop colors.

Navajo White really shines in design themes with rich browns, golds, and beige color tones. This is also a good option when trying to balance your design with warmer wood tones around the cabinetry.

Decorators White is a great choice if you want the white look with a bit of the brightness intact. It is only slightly toned down from the standard shade of white so it is great if you want a touch of brightness in your project.

“Samplize” is an online vender where you can get painted sample boards delivered quickly in any Benjamin Moore color. The cost is similar to a sample can of paint but is already applied on a board for you!

If you want to take your color selection to the next level ask us about our professional design consultant. She can also help with the design of your entire project.

How long will it take to complete my cabinet painting project?

When we begin phase 1 of your project, an average job is completed within a week.

The final day of the process, phase 2, will usually be scheduled approximately two weeks from the date we began your project. This is the installation phase where you get your doors back and is finished within a day.

Will you be starting my cabinet project when you say you will?

When you commit to dates on our schedule we are committed to you. No matter how busy we are your project is our top priority. Once you are ready to lock in a spot on our schedule we will give you our earliest current availability or you can plan ahead as much as you want. If you are motivated and ready to go we often are able to fit you into an early spot.

Should Under Cabinet Lighting be installed before or after my cabinets are painted

The one thing that should be waited on until we finish your in-home portion of work if possible is the under cabinet lighting. Depending on the style of lighting this can be difficult to work around when painting your cabinets.

Should my Counter tops be installed before or after the cabinets are painted?

In most cases counter tops often can be done before or after cabinet painting.

We do ask that you have counter tops (old or new) while we are there working in order to complete our process. We cover them and use them as a workspace.

*Please do not allow the company to spread un-paintable silicone caulk onto your wood cabinet surfaces. This is very commonly done and is very bad for the edges of the cabinets going along the counter-tops. The best way to avoid problems is to avoid having it used anywhere near the wood surfaces of your cabinets.

When should I do my Back splash before or after painting my cabinets?

Your back splash can also be done at any time usually, as long as care is taken. There is often very little of the back splash directly up against the finished areas of your cabinets, and it should be easy for the contractor to keep it clean.

Should I have my Floors Finished before or after painting my cabinets?

Hardwood floors can be refinished anytime, before or after us. We have customers do things both ways and get good results. Just like anything, choose a contractor that will take pride in his work and take care of your home.

When do I install my new Appliances, before or after cabinet painting?

New Appliances can be installed ahead of us, or can also be done after us if you would rather. keep in mind we do not disconnect gas lines or plumbing. If you desire to have the oven or dishwasher painted behind (which you typically do not see) you will need to have those appliances disconnected and removed from the room so we have the necessary space to work on your cabinets still. We can pull out built-in cabinet mounted ovens enough to get behind the bracket if need be. We can move refrigerators that have panels behind them that need paint if you would like us to do so. We cannot be liable for any damage that may occur when rolling the refrigerator out. If you are concerned about this let us know, we are very careful so we do not anticipate any major problems here.

Do I need to be available while you work in my home?

We do not require you to be around while we are working so you can go about your day as you wish. If you work from home you should be fine in another room while we are sanding (our customers have confirmed) but if you are concerned about noise please make the necessary accommodations so we can keep your project on schedule.