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Wood Grain Filling

A popular question we hear is “How will the wood grain on my oak cabinets look once they are painted?” and “What is your wood grain filling process?”

In our pictures, you can see how much the grain shows through if it is not filled in. We take the extra time to fill in the grain allowing the smooth finish, and not the busy pattern, to be the focal point. Isn’t that half the reason to paint oak cabinets?

While creating a smooth finish, our wood grain filling process does not make your cabinets look laminate coated or fake- like plastic. We preserve the natural beauty of the wood. Your cabinets will still have wood grain.

Not all oak cabinet projects come out exactly the same. Being a product of nature, there will be variable grain depth, but we make sure that they all come out looking their best!

The oak door example above came from the cabinet project seen below. If you examine the closeup pictures you will see how the natural beauty of the wood can still be seen under light reflection from one angle and not so much from another. When the project is all put together and complete you will see touches of the grain when light reflects onto the surface.