Please be aware, we do not hire out our work during busy times because we have a no-compromise approach to quality. As a result, we book out. If you have a timeline for your project please reach out to me prior to requesting your quote to see if our availability will meet your needs. You can use my contact form below, thank you!!

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Cabinet Project Form

For an accurate quote, please include pictures of all areas that you want to be quoted. Please be sure all of your doors and drawers can be seen. Avoid taking pictures of small sections at a time so that we can see the layout of your cabinetry. Please take photos in landscape mode (horizontally). Thank you!

Cabinet Project Form
Please be sure to input your email correctly, this is how we will reach you. You will receive an email confirmation when your form has been sent successfully.
Do you have a time frame that you need your project completed in?
Maximum upload size: 52.43MB
Upload multiple pictures securely here. From your smartphone, you will have the option to take new pictures or choose pictures from your photo gallery.
Accent color on an island for example.
Please see our Islands and Carpentry Page for details...
Please see our Islands and Carpentry Page for details...
Please see our Islands and Carpentry Page for details...
Please describe what hardware changes you would like to make to your doors and or drawers. Remember there is no charge for installation of hardware in your existing holes.
Please describe what you would like us to do for your hinges (i.e. hidden hinges or soft close hinges). Also, please include an additional picture of the inside of a door where the hinges mount.
Please tell us any additional information you would like to share. You can also mention any areas of concern here like a damaged door or coating failure.

We will not use your email address or phone number for “sales tactics”. We believe in a no pressure approach to business and want our customers to make the best decision before moving forward. We save all the sales hype and put that extra energy right into your cabinet project when you work with us.