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Do you offer Cabinetry Services near me?

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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing and Painting

We convert your current stained cabinets to a sleek painted look through our detailed refinishing process. Don’t just paint over your cabinets, with the right preparation you can have cabinets that will look great and the paint will stay on your cabinets where it belongs.

If your cabinets are currently painted and you want to change color or they need to be re-done, we can help with that using our process. If you are not sure that your cabinets are real wood we can determine that for you as well.

Damage Recovery for Bad Cabinet Paint Jobs

Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad paint jobs out there. Whether it was professionally done or DIY, bad paint jobs all look bad! Our process is the best way to help recover from the damage. It is always better to do it right the first time, but we can help you enjoy your cabinets again if you hired the wrong company.

Cabinet Trim Enhancements

Are you tired of the plain flat panels around your island? We can make your kitchen island look like a piece of furniture made for your kitchen. Check out our island enhancement options to see for yourself!

We can add crown and light rail molding to your cabinets to enhance their look. This will make your basic cabinets look custom-built.

Oak Wood-Grain Filling

A common concern with oak cabinets is how much the wood grain will show once painted. Our grain filling process will create a smoother finish while preserving the natural beauty of the wood.

Check out our grain filling page to see what your oak cabinets will look like when they are finished.

Cabinet Door Hinge Replacement Services

We can convert your doors to accept hidden hinges, change to soft close hinges, or just get you the correct new hinges to replace your old worn-out ones. When we re-install your doors we also adjust the hinges so that your doors are not crooked and they open and close the way they should.

Cabinet Door Hardware Changing Services

Do you want to change from handles to knobs? No problem! Just let us know the handle/ knob arrangement you would like to have. You buy the handles and we will fill and drill the holes and install them for you.